Kent Gold Plus UF Membrane Water Filter and Purifier

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An elegantly designed table-top water purifier, serving as the first of it's kind gravity based water purifier. Runs on superior UV technology. A transparent tank made up of ABS food-grade plastic BPA free.


With no need for boiling your water, the Aqua Kent Gold enables you to drink directly from the purifier tap. It's chemical free and non-electric gravity base, purification process by Hollow Fiber Ultra Filtration Membrance enables cysts and bacteria to be removed from water, ensuring clean and purified drinking water. The use of nano-silver carbon further probes disinfection of water. UF Membrane Filter is cleanable. Presence of SS mesh filter and sediment filter filters the unwanted particles from your water. 


  • Elegant Table-top design with tank-in-tank configuration to prevent overflow

Kent Gold+ has an elegant table-top design. It can be placed anywhere on a flat surface and comes with a high-base stand enabling easy positioning of glass to draw water. Tank-in-Tank configuration ensures that there is no overflow when water is poured into raw water tank even when the purified water tank is full.

  •  Gravity based UF Water Purifier

Kent Gold+ is first of its kind gravity water purifier which is based on the superior state-of-the-art UF (Ultra Filtration) technology. It removes harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and cysts, apart from other impurities like dust, sand, chlorine, etc. In fact, it is the only gravity water purifier which is certified to remove cysts.

  • Non-Electric & Chemical Free purification

Kent Gold+ works without electricity and does not use any chemicals such as chlorine, bromine or iodine for purification of water, thereby making water safe and healthy for consumption.

  • NSF & WQA Gold Seal Certified

Kent Gold+ is tested and certified for its performance and quality by renowned laboratories of the world such as NSF & WQA in USA. NSF and WQA Gold Seal are one of the most recognized certifications in the drinking water treatment industry and provide assurance that the products have been rigorously tested and comply with all the requirements of the testing standards. Infact, Kent is the first and the only company to have received certification from NSF. Kent Gold+ is also CE certified.

  • Water storage capacity of 20 litres

Kent Gold+ has 10 litres of purified water storage capacity. The storage tank ensures continuous supply of purified water even in the absence of electricity or running tap water. In addition, 10 litres of water can also be stored in raw water tank

  • Incorporates 0.1 Microns pore size Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic UF membrane

Kent Gold+ has a Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic UF membrane with 0.1 Microns. The pores of UF membrane are so small that they do not allow bacteria or cysts to pass through.

  • Spin-welded UF membrane housing that prevents tampering

First of its kind in the industry, UF membrane housing is spin-welded using the latest technology, which ensures high quality permanent joints. Welded housing also prevents tampering and improves membrane life.

  • Food grade , BPA Free & non-breakable plastic construction

Non-breakable feature of the plastic ensures higher durability & longer life of the purifier. Food grade classification ensures that no harmful chemicals leech into purified water .Bpa Free safe.


USP Easy to Use storage water purifier
Installation Table-Top
Technology Gravity based UF Technology
Purification Capacity 20 litres/hour
Max. Duty Cycle 120 litres/day
Storage Tank Capacity 7 litres – Raw water, 13 litres – Purified water
Filter Cartridges SS Mesh, Sediment, Activated Carbon
UF Membrane 0.1 Microns Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic UF Membrane
Max Operating Water Temperature 35°C/113°F
Min Operating Water Temperature 10°C/ 32.2°F
Dimensions(mm) L 326 W 355 H 600
Weight 3.6 kg
STORAGE CAPACITY 10 litres – Raw Water Tank, 10 litres – Purified Water Tank
APPLICATIONS Suitable for Purification from Overhead Tanks Or Tap Water Source
BODY MATERIAL ABS Food Grade Plastic
FILTER CARTRIDGES UF Membrane , SS Mesh, Sediment & Activated Carbon Filters
DIMENSIONS( mm) L380 W360 H540 (mm)
Kent RO Advantage
Certified By Its technology is validated by UNESCO and certified by organizations such as Toray of Japan .NSF, WQA, CE- Swiss Cert.

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