Kent Ultra UV Water Filter

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Kent Ultra is an easy to afford online UV water purifier. It has an elegant wall mountable design, fit for any kitchen. It saves expensive counter space and provides convenience while drawing water.


  • 3-Stage Water Purifier

Kent Ultra is based on 3-stage advanced filtration process. It uses a combination of Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and UV Disinfection to give safe drinking water free from all micro-organisms.

  • WQA Gold Seal Certified 

Kent Ultra is tested and certified for its performance and quality by renowned laboratories of the world such as WQA, the most recognized certification in the drinking water treatment industry and provides assurance that the products have been rigorously tested and comply with all the requirements of the testing standards. Kent Ultra is also CE certified.

  • Computer controlled operation with UV Fail alarm

​Computer controlled operation has a unique feature: UV Fail Alarm, that alerts the user when the UV lamp becomes inefficient and the power supply to the purifier is cut off, thereby ensuring that impure water is not being delivered to the user. Kent Ultra uses high powered 11W UV lamp instead of the industry standard 8W UV lamp, to provide complete de-activation of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses that can contaminate clean water.

  • Push-fit components for leak-proof performance
All the fittings and components in the purifier are push (snap) fit to prevent leakages and wastage of water. Additional protection against leakages is built-in by using rubber O-Rings inside the push-fit fittings.
  • Food grade, non-breakable, ABS plastic construction

Non-breakable feature of ABS plastic ensures higher durability & longer life of the purifier. Food grade classification ensures that no harmful chemicals leech into purified water.


USP Economical Online UV Purifier
Installation Wall Mountable
Technology UV
Purification Capacity 60 L/hr. or 1 L/min.
Max. Duty Cycle 120 litre/day
Filter Cartridges Sediment, Activated Carbon
UV Lamp Power 11 Watt
Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Min) 0.3 kg / cm2 or 4.3psi / 10°C
Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Max) 3 kg / cm2 or 42.7psi / 35°C
Input Voltage 100-300V AC (50Hz)
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Dimensions(mm) L 395 W 136 H 340
Weight 4.8 kg

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